Lopez x Cabane A Sang Tee


Lopez x Cabane A Sang Tee

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Cabane A Sang (Blood Shed) is a Film Festival, Canadian TV Show, and Road Cinema based out of Montreal Canada that celebrates Horror, Scifi and Trash cinema. "Blood Shed" aims to bring back the feel-good vibes of grindhouse cinemas where you can catch an obscure flick, have a beer, laugh, and have a good time.

The C.A.S. Philosophy is simple. ENTERTAINMENT above all else. It is not about how good a film looks, but about the journey... and the greasier and juicier the journey, the better! Cabane A Sang is the fest for you whether your lead actor is your uncle Gilles or the mighty Kevin Bacon! Send us your film because we UNDERSTAND that everything deserves a moment in the spotlight.

T-shirt Designed by Alex Goulet