Last Resort AB

The latest venture and the start of dream number four by Polar Skate Co. founder Pontus Alv and long-time friend, skateboarder, and creative director Sami Tolppi, Last Resort AB is an independent company with a focused vision to create skate shoes crafted by and for skateboarders all around the world. With no corporate backing and complete creative freedom, the duo has no one telling them what to do and don’t believe you should either.

Last Resort AB designs act as elevated classics that are familiar but with enhancements that have been chosen as a clear reaction to the founding duo’s vast experiences as life-long skateboarders. Additional evidence of Sami’s time spent as a creative director, graphic designer, and creator of his footwear line ‘3-3-20’ a couple of years ago is also apparent and works in perfect harmony with Alv’s well-known creative eye and belief in DIY skate culture. Encouraging friends and independent brands within the skate industry to get together and create something new. Last Resort AB proves the value and sense in skateboarders designing their own products and doing so with attention to community and culture. 

On top of that, all softgoods, apparel, and accessories are made in Europe. While the shoes go through vigorous testing and are made in Vietnam.